Recent Investments


“You have done amazing job creating a brilliant work environment. I was able to produce much more effective results because of your place. One month of working at CoworkLWR produced stronger results than working 3 months from home & Starbucks.” 

– L.H.

“I recently joined CoworkLWR and I love it! I am there to expand my on location life coaching services. Keith and Sarah did an amazing job putting the space together. It is modern, bright, sleek (without being cold), and you can feel the positive energy. Of course, I’m sure the team has something to do with that. The other entrepreneurs in the space are friendly and have a desire to collaborate. It truly is an asset to LWR Main Street!”

– K.P.

“Finally a great coworking space really close to my house and near everything else that matters – good food and Starbucks. Real cool atmosphere with an audio recording studio. Super nice people and collaborative workspace.”

– R.D.

“Not only strong technically, but always very strategic in outlook. Worked very hard to support the needs of the entire organization”

– M.G.

“Not only understands the value of partnership, but consistently demonstrates ability to listen to clients, ask questions to surface unstated needs and offer creative solutions. An advocate for his clients.”

– L.L.

“A true professional. Has a knack for making complicated issues simple and finding solutions quickly which can be implemented.”

– M.D.