What We Do

First and foremost, we invest in people. As a Startup incubator for great ideas, we provide the capital, the mentorships, the resources, and the space to help aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas from the planning stages to reality. By offering everything you need when you need it, we want to shift the startup process from messy, challenging, and stressful to simplistic, stimulating, and rewarding. Our environment includes a full suite of curated services including access to technological resources as well as guidance through legal, accounting, HR, marketing, recruiting, and administrative processes.

By linking local entrepreneurs and investors and establishing a community of highly intelligent leaders, our goal is to help Startups form and collaborations flourish. Say hello to our think tank mentality. We hope you’ll join the movement!

The Why Behind Our Mindset

We believe business creation is a combination of art and science – original thought mixed with effective business practices. We also feel operating your own business can look daunting without the support of a likeminded community rooting you on. Since we want you to love every aspect of what you do, we decided to shoulder the hard stuff, making it easier for you to focus on your passions and discover new ones from the people who surround you.

Iron Sharpening Iron

As a robust community of people with common interests interacting in the same space all pursuing excellence, we decided networking events, happy hours and our lounge area are just a few of the great ways to kickstart your conversations. With a group of diverse trailblazers excited about sharing their thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and practices, we hope this collection of creativity will spark the momentum of your ideas, discoveries, challenges, and improvements. We know this will create a ripple effect from our community to surrounding areas and all throughout the state of Florida. Now that’s something to get excited about!